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A New Era for Space: Unveiling UFOs and Exploring Off-Earth Opportunities

On this episode of “International Reporters Roundtable,” UFOs come into focus. From ancient drawings to sci-fi novels, fuzzy photos to pilot anecdotes, now the United States Congress is seeking answers on the phenomenon.

In May 2022, Congress held its first public hearing in half a century on “unidentified aerial phenomena,” or UAPs as they’re now called. Not since the excitement and fear surrounding the mysterious Roswell crash landing has there been so much attention paid to this matter. Meanwhile, sightings and secrecy have mounted, eroding trust in our institutions.

Then, this July, a House Subcommittee invited two former military pilots and an intelligence whistleblower to testify about encounters, recovered “non-human” biologics, and government cover ups. Are these visitors from outer space or covert military machines? Either way, they say, the stigma has to go.

What are the risks, is our security at stake, and how should we think about space in the 21st century—both the threats and opportunities?

As the space race heats up with Russia’s failure and India’s success, and China’s activities continue to take us by surprise, guests Brandon Weichert, Greg Allison, and Art Harman join us to discuss unidentified aerial phenomena, and other secrets in space.

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