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Alberta Court Clears Whistle Stop Cafe Owner of All COVID Charges

Chris Scott, the owner of Alberta’s Whistle Stop Cafe, has been acquitted of all public health charges against him during the COVID-19 pandemic. The court decision, which ruled that orders made by the Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) were invalid and breached the Public Health Act (PHA), was announced on the cafe’s Facebook page on Aug. 28. Mr. Scott expressed relief at the acquittal and stated that the battle for reform lies ahead. He criticized the threat to individuals’ rights posed by unaccountable bureaucrats. The charges against Mr. Scott included ignoring public health orders, serving customers in person, holding public gatherings, and attending protests against government lockdowns. Higher court rulings have since invalidated these orders. In a Red Deer Provincial Court room, supporters of Mr. Scott erupted in applause upon hearing the acquittal. Mr. Scott plans to pursue reform to prevent others from facing similar challenges. His lawyer, Chad Williamson, stated that without acquittal, his client could have faced significant fines and even jail time. This case follows a previous court decision that deemed public health orders issued by the Alberta government outside the jurisdiction of the PHA and therefore invalid. This precedent has an impact on all pandemic-related court cases and charges in the province. Mr. Scott believes that he was unfairly targeted, with the legal actions against him having more to do with politics than public health.

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