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Alberta’s Environment Minister Calls on Canadians to Urge MPs to Resist ‘Hazardous’ Federal Electricity Regulations

Alberta’s Environment Minister Rebecca Schulz is calling on Canadians to lobby their MPs to oppose the Liberal government’s electricity regulations, saying they’re “irresponsible and unaffordable.”

Ms. Schulz also said that federal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault’s demands that Alberta’s electricity grid meet net zero targets for 2035 are unrealistic.

“It’s an ideological plan that’s unrealistic, unaffordable, and quite frankly, it’s dangerous for Albertans,” she said in a post to X, formerly known as Twitter, on Sept. 25.

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Ms. Schulz added the policies, if implemented, would mean Albertans would “almost certainly experience blackouts during the harshest times of winter and during hot summer days, and, of course, at some of the busiest times for families.”

Ms. Schulz called on Canadians to contact their MPs to “stand up for what’s right.”

“It’s really not optional,” she said. “This federal government intrusion is an unconstitutional threat and we will absolutely stand up for Albertans.” She proceeded to ask viewers to share her video.

Mr. Guilbeault unveiled the proposed Clean Electricity Regulations on Aug. 10 in Toronto. At the time, the federal government gave provinces and territories 75 days at the minimum to comment on the regulations.
On the same day, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith said in a statement that she had no intention of abiding by the federal government’s proposed regulations.

“They will not be implemented in our province—period,” Ms. Smith said.

She added that if the federal government does not align with Alberta’s vision for the province as it relates to energy policy, the province “will chart its own path” to ensure reliable and affordable electricity for Albertans.

During his statement on Aug. 10 introducing the government’s draft regulations, Mr. Guilbeault stated that the new restrictions are intended to combat climate change, phase out unabated fossil fuel power plants, and assist Canadians in using less energy.

According to the proposed federal regulations, any unit that generates a net export of zero gigawatt hours (GWh) per year is prohibited from emitting CO2 from the combustion of fossil fuels if its annual average emission intensity is greater than 30 tonnes of CO2 per GWh of electricity produced.

The final regulations will be made public in 2024, and Mr. Guilbeault’s agency is accepting public comment until Nov. 2, 2023.

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