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Analyst Reveals Canada’s Minimal Progress Since Publishing Chinese Secret Police Station Report

Canada has been criticized for taking limited action to protect communities targeted by China’s secret police stations, according to a China analyst. Peter Dahlin, Director of Safeguard Defenders, co-authored a report exposing China’s transnational policing tactics, including coercive measures to repatriate Chinese citizens. The report highlighted the use of overseas police stations in these operations and collaboration with local Chinese associations potentially linked to foreign interference. Safeguard Defenders recently published a reporting guide for affected victims, indicating Canada’s modest progress in protecting communities but emphasizing the need to prioritize ensuring democratic rights and freedom. Safeguard Defenders previously identified secret police stations in Toronto and Vancouver, and the RCMP confirmed investigations into two locations in Quebec. Despite no arrests in Canada, the FBI arrested individuals in New York City for operating a secret police station on behalf of the Chinese regime. Beijing has also been accused of interference campaigns, including election interference and targeting dissidents, with Conservative MP Michael Chong sharing his concerns about CCP tactics during a testimony before the U.S. Congressional-Executive Commission on China. Dahlin expressed disappointment in Canada’s slow progress in establishing a foreign agent registry to address foreign interference. A public inquiry into foreign interference has recently been appointed by the Liberal government in Canada.

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