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Analysts Warn the Zimbabwe Election ‘Disgrace’ May Foreshadow South Africa’s Future Path

Johannesburg—The governing parties of South Africa and Zimbabwe often draw inspiration from Frantz Fanon, the Afro-Caribbean political philosopher and Marxist from Martinique. Fanon’s books, particularly “The Wretched of the Earth,” published in 1961, served as a source of encouragement for these parties during their wars against white nationalist regimes. Both the African National Congress (ANC) and ZANU-PF claim to be redistributing wealth to benefit their countries’ poor black populations. However, corruption has plagued both parties since they came into power. The ANC and ZANU-PF promote nationalism and label their opponents as unpatriotic, despite warnings from Fanon about liberation movements becoming oppressive governments. Both parties have become entrenched in power and have been unable to build stable, prosperous nations. The ANC is facing its lowest popularity ratings in history as it heads into the 2024 elections. If the ANC falls below the 50 percent mark, it may have to form a coalition with a smaller party, potentially the EFF, which advocates for nationalizing white-owned assets. The ANC’s democratic credentials will be tested if it has to face losing power. The ANC has also been criticized for its human rights record and support of oppressive regimes. The party has ignored human rights abuses in Zimbabwe and has even been complicit in covering up for its ZANU-PF allies. The ANC has shown signs of autocracy and arrogance in recent years, despite its failures and corruption. Critics argue that the ANC needs a strong judiciary, independent media, and active civil society organizations to keep it in check.

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