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Anthony Furey: A Blueprint for Urban Renewal in a Canadian City


Detroit was once known for its decline, but now it’s making a comeback. City leadership worked hard to improve the core, attracting people back in and serving as an example for urban renewal.

Across the river, Windsor is launching its own revitalization project, addressing issues like rising crime with their “Strengthen the Core – Downtown Windsor Revitalization Plan.”

This is not just a local story for Windsor residents but a national one, as many Canadian cities are facing similar challenges and should consider action plans like Windsor’s.

Concerns about safety and crime led Windsor City Hall to hold public consultations to craft their revitalization plan, focusing on bringing back public safety and vitality to the core area.

The plan includes seven action items to address the issues and bring back businesses, residents, and customers to the area.

One key aspect of Windsor’s approach is their transparency and willingness to address the problem directly, unlike some other cities that may try to downplay issues like crime and disorder.

Additionally, Windsor’s genuine public consultations and acknowledgment of the role of law enforcement in addressing disorder set a positive example for other communities.

If Windsor’s plan succeeds, it could serve as a model for other cities in Canada facing similar challenges, emphasizing the importance of honesty and action in solving urban issues.

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