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Army General: US Army Adapts Artillery, Air, and Missile Systems Based on Lessons Learned in Ukraine

‘New truisms’ are revolutionizing the deployment of ‘fires’ – missiles, rockets, artillery, and air-delivered ordnance – on the battlefield. The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has highlighted the importance of mobility and flexibility in delivering and defending against long-range fires. U.S. Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Randy George emphasized the difficulty of targeting mobile land-based fires and the need for organic air defense to protect against drones. Lessons learned from the war in Ukraine include the importance of varied capacities in missile and rocket stocks, the development of a more robust cruise missile, coordination of air defenses, and training to defend against drones. The military is also focusing on defending against unmanned aircraft systems and loitering munitions aided by artificial intelligence. The Army is undergoing a fundamental transformation through its modernization program, with a shift towards new systems and technologies. The development of new systems is not without challenges, as the Army faces budget constraints and the need to make difficult decisions regarding the procurement of new systems versus continuing with existing ones. The focus is on continuous transformation, adaptability, and building open architecture and modular systems. The diversification of the military’s fires capacity includes the use of mobile and precise rocket launchers such as the M142 HIMARS, as well as the development of new missiles like the precision strike missile (PrSM) and long-range hypersonic weapons. Interoperability and a range of options are crucial for commanders in the field, and the Army is working to provide a comprehensive portfolio of fires capabilities.

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