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Arrival of Humanitarian Aid for Palestinians and Israeli Hostages in Gaza Amid Ongoing Fighting

Qatar and France have overseen a deal to deliver over 1900 tons of food, medicines, and other humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Medicines for Palestinians and around 100 hostages still held by Hamas have been sent to the Gaza Strip as part of a mediation deal brokered by Qatar and France.

Qatar’s Foreign Ministry announced in a statement on Jan. 17 that 63 aircraft are transporting around 1958 tons of medicines, food items, and other essential supplies to Gaza as part of mediation led by Qatar between Hamas and Israel.
According to Qatar’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Majed al-Ansari, the humanitarian aid has already arrived, but did not specify if it had reached the intended recipients. In the past, Israel has accused Hamas of hoarding vital supplies.

“Over the past few hours, medicine & aid entered the Gaza Strip in implementation of the agreement announced yesterday for the benefit of civilians in the Strip, including hostages,” Mr. al-Ansari said.

“Qatar, along with its regional and international partners, continues mediation efforts at the political and humanitarian levels,” he added.

Mr. al-Ansari also mentioned that Qatar is still actively negotiating with both parties, but did not provide further details on the nature of the discussions.

Red Cross Distributing Supplies in Gaza

Moussa Abu Marzouk, a senior Hamas official, revealed that the International Committee of the Red Cross would distribute the medicines to hospitals serving all parts of Gaza. He also noted that for every crate of supplies sent for the hostages, 1,000 boxes of medicine would be sent in for Palestinians.

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“It also comes within the framework of the State of Qatar’s unwavering support for the brotherly Palestinian people and its full support for them during the current difficult humanitarian conditions,” stated Qatar’s Foreign Ministry.

Sr. U.N. officials have warned of widespread famine and disease in Gaza if more aid is not allowed in soon. The Gaza health ministry estimates over 24,000 people have been killed during the fighting in Gaza, with at least 60,000 wounded. Over 1200 people were killed in Israel during the initial assault from Hamas that sparked the conflict.

Fighting continues across Palestinian territories as Israel pushes to destroy Hamas and prevent a recurrence of the events of Oct. 7. Hamas has indicated it will not release any more hostages unless a permanent ceasefire is in place, which Israel and the U.S. have ruled out over fears that the terror group will use a truce to rebuild and attack Israel again.
The last mediation deal brokered by Qatar was a temporary truce in November last year in exchange for the release of over 100 hostages held by Hamas, primarily women and children. The agreement also included the freedom of dozens of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel. However, the ceasefire was broken by both Israel and Hamas, and the fighting resumed and has continued since.

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