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Belgium Evaluates Health Risks of iPhone 12 Following Sales Ban in France

Belgian regulators are currently investigating potential health risks associated with Apple’s iPhone 12. This comes after France banned the sale of the phone due to excessive radiation levels. The French National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) discovered that the iPhone 12 exceeded legal health limits for electromagnetic wave absorption. The agency notified other EU members about their findings, leading to Belgium and other countries reviewing the matter. Apple has disputed the findings, claiming that the phone meets global radiation standards. However, ANFR has given the company two weeks to respond to their probe. Despite the ban in France and some European countries, the iPhone 12 can still be purchased from third-party sellers. The issue may potentially be resolved through software updates, but a total recall may be necessary if this approach fails. It is worth noting that various international bodies have certified the iPhone 12 as compliant with radiation standards. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that no adverse health effects have been established from mobile phone use. Belgium’s state secretary for digitalization has emphasized the need for safety and protection of citizens, prompting a review of all smartphone models on the market. Other EU countries such as the Netherlands and Germany are also investigating the matter, while Italy has no plans for action. The European Commission will wait for feedback before deciding on any action. Despite the controversy, analysts maintain that there are minimal safety risks as official regulation limits are set below harmful radiation levels.

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