Calgary Preacher Arrested in Alberta Border Blockade Gets Bail

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Artur Pawlowski speaks at a “freedom rally” in Edmonton on March 20, 2021, part of a worldwide protest against COVID-19 restrictions. (Courtesy of Artur Pawlowski)

A Calgary pastor has been granted bail after his arrest more than six weeks ago for his involvement with protesters at a border blockade in southern Alberta.

Calgary Street Church minister Artur Pawlowski is charged with breaching an order to keep the peace and with committing mischief by inciting others to block use of public property.

The charges relate to his joining a rally at a roadblock on Highway 4 outside Milk River, Alta., and later giving a speech heard on video telling protesters to continue their fight against government mandates.

A judge denied Pawlowski release on Feb. 9, but Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Gaylene Kendall granted him bail Friday after a review.

Pawlowski is required to pay $25,000 in bail as well as a $10,000 surety from his wife and an additional $2,000 from his son.

The Canadian Press


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