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Canada Needs to Recognize the Severe Consequences of DEI and ESG


Many Canadians are unaware of new policies that pose a serious threat to Canada’s prosperity and way of life.

These policies advocate for changes in hiring, promotion, compensation, and student admission practices in private businesses, educational institutions, government organizations (including the military) to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in their workforce and student body. Business owners are expected to consider the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact of their activities.

While DEI and ESG policies have been widely adopted and welcomed for their perceived benefits, few understand the negative consequences they bring.

Firstly, these policies impose costs that divert resources away from traditional university activities, impacting knowledge production and dissemination.

Secondly, they perpetuate discrimination by favoring certain identity groups over others, leading to unfair treatment of individuals with proven skills and accomplishments.

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Furthermore, these policies undermine merit-based selection criteria, reducing incentives for individuals to acquire education, skills, and work experience.

Shifting responsibility for environmental policies to business elites under ESG mandates bypasses democratic processes and can have unforeseen negative effects.

Bureaucracies overseeing DEI and ESG policies may stifle dissent and cause repercussions for those critical of these mandates, threatening freedom of expression and thought.

Public dialogue is imperative to address the risks associated with DEI, ESG, and woke policies to safeguard Canada’s future.

Studies have highlighted the unintended consequences of these policies, including increased prejudice and the gradual decline of Western democracies.

It is crucial for Canadians to engage in discussions about the implications of these policies on the nation’s prosperity and survival.

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