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Canada’s Immigration Minister Declares Country as ‘Open’ to US Public Broadcaster

In a recent U.S. radio program appearance, Immigration Minister Marc Miller stated that Canada has deliberately chosen to be an “open country” for immigration.

The remarks were made during an interview Mr. Miller gave to the American public broadcaster NPR on the program Freakonomics last month, as initially reported by Blacklock’s Reporter. His office did not respond to further inquiries about the interview, according to a report from Blacklock’s.

During the NPR interview, Mr. Miller emphasized, “There is no doubt that we have made a conscious decision to be an open country and a country that needs to grow.” He added, “The reality is we don’t have much of a choice.”

Canada’s population has been steadily increasing, with the majority of the growth attributed to immigration.

While Mr. Miller mentioned in the interview that Canada’s population had reached 40 million, recent Statistics Canada estimates indicated that the number had exceeded 41 million.

According to StatCan, the growth rate in population was mostly due to temporary visas issued to workers and students, with over 800,000 temporary residents entering Canada last year compared to just over 470,000 permanent residents.

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As of January 1, 2024, Statistics Canada estimates that there are over 2.6 million non-permanent residents in Canada.

Mr. Miller also mentioned to NPR that illegal immigration was not a significant issue for Canada.

“You know we have an ocean to the left of us and an ocean to the right, a nuclear superpower to the south and a block of ice to the north,” he remarked. He further added, “So geographically it’s difficult to reach Canada.”

Despite geographical challenges, a substantial number of illegal immigrants have entered Canada in recent years, with the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) documenting 31,475 entries in 2023.
Expenses related to accommodating and supporting asylum seekers who have entered Canada illegally have amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars. In 2023, the Ottawa administration spent $769 million on hotels and meals for refugees and illegal immigrants, as per government data.
The costs of accommodating asylum seekers in the popular tourist destination of Niagara Falls added up to over $100 million within a year, with the average daily cost of accommodation for each asylum seeker being around $208.

Minister Miller expressed to NPR that the demographic challenges posed by an aging population “keep me up at night.” He emphasized, “It’s something that we need to fix now or else we’ll be in serious trouble for all the broad social services that we provide as a country. That can’t be fulfilled solely through domestic baby booms. It must be addressed through immigration.”

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