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Chinese and Russian Foreign Ministers Hold Meeting Following the Passing of Iranian President

According to a researcher, “The CCP does not want its dealings with Western countries to be undermined by Iran.”

Following the fatal helicopter crash of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, China’s foreign minister Wang Yi met with Russia’s foreign minister in Kazakhstan to discuss the Middle East situation.

After Mr. Raisi’s helicopter crashed on May 19 and he was confirmed dead on May 20, Mr. Wang met with Mr. Lavrov at a Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The two foreign ministers discussed the situation in the Middle East during the meeting. Mr. Wang emphasized the need for more bilateral exchanges and mutual support between the two countries.

After Mr. Raisi’s death, both Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin claimed to have lost a “good friend” and praised Mr. Raisi’s role in strengthening the partnership between China and Russia.

In mid-March, China, Russia, and Iran conducted joint military exercises in the Arabian Sea, with China being the largest buyer of Iranian oil.

Experts believe that Mr. Raisi’s death could lead to changes in Iran, potentially impacting its diplomatic direction. However, both China and Russia aim to maintain their strategic partnership and alliance with Iran despite any changes in leadership.

Overall, the CCP aims to navigate its relations with Iran to avoid any negative impact on its dealings with Western countries in order to maintain its influence in the Middle East.

Furthermore, despite facing sanctions from the West, both Iran and Russia have maintained a united front with the CCP, demonstrating a mutual interest in cooperation.

Experts believe that the alliance between the CCP, Iran, and Russia will remain unchanged, as these countries seek to stay united amidst international isolation.

Contributors to this report include Zhang Hong and Luo Ya.

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