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Chinese Singer Honors Ukraine’s Tragic Past with Moving Performance of Russian War Ballad in Historic Theater

An opera singer from China has sparked outrage by performing a Soviet-era war ballad at a theater in Ukraine that was bombed by Russian forces. Wang Fang, accompanied by a delegation of Chinese social media personalities, visited the region and performed at the Donetsk Regional Academic Drama Theater, which served as a bomb shelter during a siege last year. The theater was bombed by Russian fighter planes, killing hundreds of civilians. The incident has drawn condemnation from Ukraine, with a spokesperson from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asking for an explanation from China. Despite the controversy, the Chinese Communist Party has yet to publicly respond, and government censors in China are reportedly trying to erase the performance from social media. The singer’s husband, who is a pro-CCP blogger, claimed that the theater was bombed by Ukrainian forces, repeating a Russian-backed rumor. Critics have accused the Chinese Communist regime of supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The performance of the war ballad has been seen as disrespectful and insensitive, disregarding the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

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