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Climate Minister’s Claim of Nuclear Costs Criticized by Think Tank, Advocates for $1.5 Trillion Renewable Alternative

Energy Minister Chris Bowen has been criticized by Scott Hargreaves, executive director of the IPA, for his claims that transitioning to nuclear energy in Australia would cost taxpayers $387 billion. Hargreaves argues that Bowen is not being transparent about the cost of the federal government’s renewable energy plan. He compares the cost of nuclear energy to the projected cost of transitioning to renewables, which is estimated to be $1.5 trillion by the end of the decade. Hargreaves expresses concerns about sacrificing agricultural land for renewable energy sources and calls for all options to be considered. Bowen’s statement is seen as a preemptive strike against the opposition’s plans to legalize nuclear power. Opposition Leader Peter Dutton advocates for nuclear energy as the only realistic power source that can achieve net-zero emissions without negative side effects. Nuclear power is currently prohibited in Australia under two pieces of legislation. Greens Leader Adam Bandt criticizes both the Liberal and Labor parties for their stance on energy policy and asserts that the Greens support clean renewables. The government is taking measures to maintain energy infrastructure amid predictions of rolling blackouts during the summer months.

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