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Court Documents Reveal Pornhub Flagged 700,000 Videos for Potential Criminal Content, Yet Lacked Sufficient Grounds for Review

Pornhub reviewed videos flagged for potentially criminal content like child sexual abuse only after receiving over 15 complaints, and the website had over 700,000 videos with at least one flag, a series of emails reveals. The documents were disclosed as part of a class action lawsuit against the company’s Montreal-based parent company filed by 40 women in California in 2021.

“Team reviews between 50 and 500 videos per day that are flagged in order to address any video with more than 15 flags,” said part of an e-mail from May 27, 2020, exchanged between executives at Pornhub and its parent company MindGeek, which was recently renamed Aylo.

“So basically a video with 15 flags is never viewed,” said a portion of another e-mail on the same day.

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The partially redacted e-mails were made public as part of the disclosure in the California lawsuit, which is seeking more than US$40 million in damages.

One of the e-mails from the same day in May 2020 states that the company had “706,425 videos that are active and have at least 1 flag (between 1 and 15 flags).”

However, they also reveal that at the time, the company only had one person working five days a week to review flagged videos.

Victims’ Testimonies

Laila Mickelwait, founder of the Traffickinghub Movement and CEO and founder of the Justice Defense Fund, posted some of the e-mails on X, formerly known as Twitter. She said the documents show Pornhub’s practices were worse than she had thought.

“You hear again and again that these victims were reaching out to Pornhub, begging for their videos to be taken off the site,” Ms. Mickelwait told The Epoch Times.

But the e-mails give a more detailed picture of the company’s practices, she added.

“A victim of child rape on Pornhub could have flagged their own video 15 times, and it wouldn’t even be looked at,” she said. “That level of complicity and child sexual abuse

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