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Debating Qatar Airways’ Voice in Parliament

The decision to deny Qatar Airways’ request for additional flights is expected to be an ongoing issue in parliament as Prime Minister Anthony Albanese arrives back in Canberra.

The parliament will sit for another week from Monday before breaking for the month leading up to the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum on October 14.

The prime minister will touch down after attending the ASEAN, East Asia and G20 summits, where he released the Southeast Asia Economic Strategy to 2040.

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Transport Minister Catherine King has faced intense scrutiny over her decision to reject a bid by Qatar Airways to double the 28 weekly services it currently offers.

The coalition kicked off the week on Sunday by continuing to apply pressure on the government, with opposition transport spokeswoman Bridget McKenzie questioning the role invasive examinations conducted on a group of Australian women played in the refusal.

She said it was “incredibly rare and concerning” if the government’s first response was an economic sanction.

The House will continue to debate the government’s signature industrial relations reform, which will define casual employment, set minimum standards for workers in the gig economy, and safeguard people from discrimination if they have been affected by domestic violence.

The proposal—introduced by Workplace Relations Minister Tony Burke last week—has met fierce resistance from peak business groups.

A vote on the bill will be delayed until February next year after the crossbench teamed up with the coalition.

The Social Security Amendment (Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment) legislation will also be on the agenda.

The changes will ensure online claims for disaster recovery payments will be assessed faster and more efficiently.

In the upper house, the Senate will debate legislation to improve the workplace culture of Parliament House.

The bills implement key recommendations from the Jenkins Set the Standard report, which found more than half of the people working in parliament had experienced bullying, sexual harassment or sexual assault.

Skills and Training Minister Brendan O’Connor will make a statement on Wednesday to provide an update on the progress of the government’s skills agenda as part of its plan for wage growth.

Legislation relating to consumer data rights, infrastructure, health care, energy and combating foreign bribery will also be considered.

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