Edmonton Police Say They Have Made Arrest in Deadly Random Attack

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Edmonton police say they have arrested a 25-year-old man after one person was killed and two were injured in what they called a random attack.

They said in an email that Clarence Lawrence was taken into custody Wednesday just before 6 p.m.

Earlier in the afternoon, police had warned people to avoid the northeast neighbourhood of Homesteader near Hermitage Road and Henry Avenue.

They said the suspect was in the area and described him as dishevelled.

Elmir Majstorovic said he went to pick up his seven-year-old nephew from school Wednesday afternoon when he saw several police cruisers down the street.

He said the school, St. Maria Goretti Catholic Elementary School, was on lockdown and he waited about two hours before he could see his nephew.

Majstorovic, 22, said he didn’t witness any of the stabbings but called it unnerving that it happened so close to home.

He added that it was especially concerning since there are usually many children in the area.

Dave Olechow said he was driving in the area when he saw a man running down the street, yelling at a man and woman walking with a small dog.

He said he continued driving and did not see anyone get stabbed.

At the crime scene later in the day, Olechow said he spoke to police about what he saw.

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