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Experts say the US Green Beret presence on Taiwan’s outer islands indicates increased military collaboration.

According to Taiwan’s defense minister, U.S. Army Special Forces personnel are currently providing training to Taiwanese troops on the islands of Kinmen and Penghu.

Recent reports suggest that U.S. forces are now stationed on these frontline Taiwanese islands, as confirmed by Taiwanese Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng before presenting a report on March 14 on Chinese military activities at the Taiwanese legislature’s Foreign and National Defense Committee. The U.S. Army Green Berets are said to be permanently stationed at amphibious command centers in Kinmen and Penghu, according to Taiwanese national news CNA.

Experts view this development as an expansion of military cooperation between the United States and Taiwan, demonstrating U.S. forces’ consistent presence at Taiwan’s frontline and breaking the country out of strategic isolation.

Kinmen, located just over a mile from China at its narrowest point, and the Penghu archipelago, about 30 miles west of Taiwan, are critical components of Taiwan’s frontline defense against China.

A non-resident fellow at the Washington-based Hudson Institute noted that the presence of U.S. forces on these islands will create challenges for any potential Chinese attack.

Both Adm. Samuel Paparo and CIA director William Burns have warned about the likelihood of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. The admiral stressed that Chinese actions are escalating, potentially leading to a surprise offensive. Burns, based on U.S. intelligence, has stated that Xi Jinping has ordered preparations for a Taiwan invasion by 2027.

Despite these concerns, the presence of U.S. forces in Kinmen and Penghu changes the situation strategically, deterring potential Chinese aggression. This tactical move was timed to signal to China the potential risks of escalating tensions.

As part of their training activities, the U.S. forces on these islands are engaged in exercises with Taiwanese special forces, facilitating mutual learning and skill enhancement.

This partnership is seen as crucial for Taiwan to address any military blind spots and improve its capabilities, with the regular contact being beneficial for morale and strengthening the U.S.-Taiwan alliance.

The presence of U.S. Army Special Forces, known as the Green Berets, underscores the significance of special operations in ground action. This cooperation marks a significant advancement in military capabilities for Taiwan.

While U.S. forces have been training with Taiwanese units for some time, the recent deployment to Kinmen and Penghu represents a significant step forward in the military collaboration between the two nations.

Overall, the presence of U.S. forces in these frontline islands signifies a strategic shift in Taiwan’s global positioning, breaking the country out of decades of isolation and enhancing its military readiness.

Although the U.S. government has not officially announced the presence of Green Berets in Kinmen and Penghu, their covert operation there underscores the sensitivity of U.S. policy towards Taiwan. This low-profile approach acknowledges China’s territorial claims while supporting Taiwan’s defense.

Cooperative training with the United States not only enhances Taiwan’s military capabilities but also lays the foundation for future alliance operations between the two nations.

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