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Experts Say Troubles Within CCP Linked to China’s Claim of Foreign Territories in New Map: An In-Depth Analysis

The timing of China’s recent release of a new map has sparked speculation about power struggles within the ruling Communist Party, according to experts. The map, published by the Chinese Ministry of Natural Resources, claims the territories of multiple Asia-Pacific countries, leading to protests from all except Russia. Analysts believe that the map represents more than just cartographic diplomacy and indicates internal factional disputes within the Chinese Communist Party. To counter China’s hegemonic ambitions, experts argue that the encroached countries must collectively contain the regime. The map claims territories belonging to India, Russia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Taiwan, and directly affects other nations such as Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It also highlights China’s claims over the South China Sea and an “10-dash line” to the east of Taiwan. The countries affected have lodged formal complaints against the map, with the United States calling it “unlawful.” Experts suggest that the map’s release reflects the nationalistic sentiment among the Chinese people and provides insight into the ongoing power struggle within the CCP. The timing of the publication, just before Chinese leader Xi Jinping skipped the G20 summit in India and the 18th ASEAN summit in Jakarta, is seen as significant. The experts argue that the map’s release may be an attempt to exacerbate tensions with neighboring countries and challenge Xi’s authority. However, despite rumors of tensions among the top leadership of the CCP, analysts believe that Xi’s paramount authority and the shared goal of Party survival make a serious challenge to his leadership unlikely. The experts warn that China’s territorial claims, as shown in the new map, could potentially lead to increased border conflicts and armed clashes in the future.

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