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Former Detransitioned Individual with Undiagnosed Autism Advocates for Changes in Adult Gender Services

Ritchie Herron, a man who reversed his decision to undergo surgery to live as a woman, emphasized the need for comprehensive psychological evaluations and support for vulnerable adults as well as children in all gender services. He is currently suing the NHS and other agencies involved in his treatment, claiming that he was too quickly diagnosed as “transgender” after just two sessions with a psychologist. The psychologist did not assess him for autism, consider his mental health issues, or acknowledge his struggle in accepting his gay identity.

Speaking to The Epoch Times prior to the release of the Cass Review, Herron highlighted the shortcomings in gender services offered by the NHS, especially the lack of proper evaluation for young individuals with mental health issues. Despite growing up in Newcastle and feeling different due to his sexuality, Herron never felt truly transgender until he encountered online groups in his 20s.

Struggling with depression, anxiety, and online grooming experiences, Herron found himself vulnerable as an adult when he sought help. He acknowledged the complexities of identifying when his feelings of gender dysphoria first arose and explained how his OCD played a role in his decisions regarding hormone treatment.

Herron cancelled his surgery three times due to doubts but eventually proceeded with the vaginoplasty two days before his 31st birthday. The aftermath of the surgery left him in excruciating pain, with physical and psychological issues that continue to affect him six years later. He now advocates for increased psychological assessments before undergoing such procedures.

Herron warned about the irreversible nature of gender transition surgeries and the potential long-term side effects of hormone treatments. He called for more stringent controls over online exposure for children and emphasized the need for a scientific approach to research on gender dysphoria.

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