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Former Trudeau Adviser Reveals Crucial Evidence of Foreign Interference Post-2021 Election

A former top security adviser to the prime minister discovered crucial intelligence regarding foreign interference in the 2021 election, which was described as a “smoking gun” during an inquiry.

David Morrison, currently a deputy minister at Global Affairs Canada, disclosed that he had come across this intelligence in the weeks following the September 20, 2021 election.

Mr. Morrison, who briefly served as the National Security and Intelligence Advisor (NISA) from late 2021 to early 2022, presented his findings to the Public Inquiry into Foreign Interference on April 8.

He mentioned that the intelligence he encountered required swift action, which was unusual since raw intelligence typically did not lead to immediate measures. However, there were three instances where immediate action was necessary based on the information.

The intelligence in these instances was acquired through signals intelligence, involving the interception of electronic communications, which Mr. Morrison claimed to be more reliable than human intelligence.

It was noted in the interview summary that Mr. Morrison considered this intelligence to be the most compelling evidence he had seen during his time as NSIA.

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The intelligence implicated “potential” foreign interference in the 2021 election involving an unspecified country, prompting Mr. Morrison to report it immediately.

When questioned about the matter during his testimony on April 8, Mr. Morrison stated, “In this setting, I cannot say any more than is already reflected in the documents.”

Several aspects of Mr. Morrison’s testimony coincide with information provided by executives of the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) on April 4.

The interview summary from the commission with CSE executives indicated that the most crucial intelligence collected regarding the 2019 and 2021 elections was acquired shortly after the 2021 election. This intelligence pertained to the “distribution of funds” by an undisclosed foreign actor, as stated by the agency responsible for gathering signals intelligence.

Although CSE is typically prohibited from gathering information on Canadians or within Canada, the intercepted data involved Canadian individuals. Security agencies requested the unmasking of their identities for investigative purposes.

The evidence presented by CSE did not specify whether the information obtained post-2021 election was related to that election or the 2019 election.

Mr. Morrison’s testimony linked the “smoking gun” intelligence to the 2021 election.

Past leaks and recent disclosures to the public inquiry revealed intelligence about the Chinese regime providing $250,000 in funding to favored candidates during the 2019 election.

Information disclosed during the inquiry on April 8 indicated that the federal government was aware of intelligence before the 2019 vote suggesting Beijing’s financial assistance to candidates.

Nathalie Drouin, a member of the Critical Election Incident Public Protocol (“panel of five”), stated that she could not recall receiving detailed information about a specific dollar amount being provided to candidates.

“We were aware there were allegations of financial support for some candidates,” mentioned Monik Beauregard, another panel member.

The panel of five is tasked with notifying the public if there is a threat to the elections’ integrity. Ms. Drouin conveyed that the information they had did not meet the criteria for making a public announcement.

Caroline Simard, Commissioner of Canada Elections, informed the inquiry on March 28 that her office is investigating potential violations of the Canada Elections Act, including the transfer of $250,000 by the Chinese regime.

Top public servants and the prime minister’s political staff are scheduled to testify on April 9, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau set to testify on April 10, along with several other ministers.

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