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GFZ Reports a 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Sulawesi Region’s Minahassa Peninsula in Indonesia

A magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck the Minahassa Peninsula on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi on Saturday, the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) reported.

The quake occurred 10 kilometers (6.21 miles) below the earth’s surface, GFZ said.

There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage from Saturday’s quake.

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Indonesia’s geophyiscs agency said the shallow quake did not have the potential to cause a tsunami. A 7.5 magnitude quake that struck in the same area in 2018 triggered a tsunami that caused widespread damage and death.

Indonesia straddles the so-called “Pacific Ring of Fire”, an area of high seismic activity that rests atop multiple tectonic plates.

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