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Health experts call for ONS to provide a “shopping list” of safety measures for COVID-19 vaccines

A group of high-profile scientists and doctors who question the official narrative around vaccines met with MPs including David Davis and Andrew Bridgen

Experts used a Parliamentary meeting with MPs to demand the data needed to prove the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines.

Last week’s meeting, arranged by MP Andrew Bridgen, was attended by well-known figures who have raised concerns about the vaccines, including Dr. Robert Malone, who pioneered the MRNA technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna jabs.

The scientists made a number of presentations to the audience, who included ten MPs and four members of the House of Lords as well as journalists and campaigners.

The long-serving Conservative MP David Davis asked in response to the presentation by technology expert Steve Kirsch how he should frame a request to the Office for National Statistics to obtain the “record level” data needed to settle the debate on the safety and effectiveness of the jabs.

Mr. Kirsch invented the optical mouse and is the author of the book, “Turtles All the Way Down,” which questions the safety of all childhood vaccinations. His presentation highlighted the leaked New Zealand data which led to the arrest of government employee turned whistleblower Barry Young.
In response to Mr. Davis’ questions, Professor Norman Fenton—a mathematician and computer scientist at Queen Mary London University—compiled a list of needed data for the ONS, which he shared on his popular blog “Where Are The Numbers?”

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Prof. Fenton said the data needs to be broken down into age groups and that data must be obtained for every single recipient of the vaccines in the UK.

He said the date of each jab must be noted as well as the date of each COVID-19 case they believe they suffered before and since their jabs. The number of hospital visits each jab each subject made prior to and since Dec. 2020 must also be recorded, he said.

Further data should be obtained on each recipient’s list of serious health conditions recorded before Dec. 2020 and the date of any new recorded serious illnesses since that date.

Data should also be obtained on the dates of every hospital admission, where applicable, and the date of death of any deceased. It must also be recorded whether or not Covid was given as the primary factor in each case.

Prof. Fenton said, “We recognise that this data will likely not be held in a single database, but it is surely in the national interest and the capability of the ONS (and only the ONS) to collate this information.”

He explained that once obtained, the data could be further broken down and analysed to obtain a true risk versus benefits analysis for the vaccines.

Prof. Fenton, who has been one of the leading voices in questioning both the lockdowns and the vaccines, said the data should determine whether the number of lives possibly saved by the vaccines is worth the risks when balanced against the number of deaths potentially caused by the jabs and the number of serious adverse reactions resulting in hospital treatment and long-term damage to health.

He said the figures will be used to test the hypothesis—promoted by governments around the world—that the vaccine saves more than it kills, broken down into different age groups.

It should reveal whether the vaccinated suffer from less severe COVID-19 than those who have never been vaccinated—the main claim made by their pharmaceutical giant manufacturers.

The questions should also reveal whether rates of serious new illness is statistically different in the vaccinated compared to their unvaccinated peers, and whether all-cause mortality reduces with each additional dose of the vaccine, as is claimed by the NHS.

The parliamentary meeting heard presentations from Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. David Martin, Dr. Ryan Cole and Professor Angus Dalgleish, as well as Dr. Malone and Prof. Fenton.

Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Mike Yeadon were both prevented from giving their pre-recorded video presentations due to technical problems, which Dr. Kory suggested afterwards could have been caused by saboteurs.

Writing on the event, billed as a meeting “For Democracy, Truth and Freedom,” Dr. Kory said that filming had not been allowed and many people were prevented from attending because the room had been changed from the original to one with a far smaller capacity.

Dr. Kory paid tribute to his colleagues on his blog: “I recall the quote, ‘In a world of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’ And I consider my colleagues serious revolutionaries. The talks were incredibly powerful, none more so than the ones by Steve Kirsch and Angus Dalgleish.”

A member of Mr. Davis’ staff confirmed to The Epoch Times that the MP intends to submit a list of questions to the ONS once the wording and detail to yield the best results has been agreed.

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