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Indigenous Senator Disputes Long-Term Negative Effects of British Colonisation on Aboriginal People

Jacinta Price has argued that British colonization has not resulted in any ongoing negative impacts for Indigenous Australians. She believes that Indigenous Australians should move away from the victimhood narrative and take responsibility for their own lives.

In a speech at the National Press Club, Senator Price expressed her concerns about the conversation surrounding colonization and its effects on Indigenous Australians. She believes that continually portraying Aboriginal people as victims hinders their agency and places responsibility for their lives on others.

However, Minister Senator Linda Burney criticized Price’s comments, finding them offensive and denying the experiences of Indigenous families, particularly those with intergenerational trauma. Burney mentioned the Stolen Generations and the lasting trauma it caused.

Indigenous Liberal Senator Kerrynne Liddle did not comment on Price’s statement, stating that it’s not a topic widely discussed among Indigenous Australians. She emphasized that it is more of an academic discourse.

Price has also expressed her opposition to the upcoming Voice referendum, claiming that it is built on lies and an attempt to divide the country. She criticized Indigenous organizations, accusing them of demonizing colonial settlement and nurturing a national self-loathing. Price argued that Indigenous Australians already have a voice through the 11 Indigenous representatives in parliament.

In response, Professor Marcia Langton labeled the No campaign as racist and stupid, while Price argued that the focus should be on unity rather than race. She emphasized the need for honesty in the debate and highlighted ongoing treaty negotiations across the country.

A recent poll by The Guardian showed a 21% drop in support for the Yes campaign over the past year. Australians will vote on the constitutional enshrinement of an Indigenous voice to Parliament on October 14.

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