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Israel Refuses Biden’s Request to Temporarily Halt Gaza Operation in an Effort to Defeat Hamas

Israel has refused the United States’ request for a temporary cease-fire until Hamas releases all the hostages it has taken during its attack on Israeli civilians. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is standing firm on his stance that there will be no cease-fire until all the hostages, numbering around 240, are freed. President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken have both called for a temporary pause in the war between Israel and Hamas to allow aid to flow into Gaza. However, Netanyahu has rejected these calls, emphasizing the need for the release of the hostages. The Israeli government insists that it has the right to self-defense and has been urging non-combatants in northern Gaza to evacuate. While there have been reports of discussions between the United States and Hamas to secure the release of hostages, there is no guarantee that it will happen or when it will occur. Additionally, there have been reports of Hamas preventing civilians from evacuating by firing at Israeli Defense Forces soldiers opening evacuation routes.

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