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Jury Told: DJ Allegedly Abducted, Subjected to Torture, and Murdered Following Restaurant Date with Girlfriend

Five men are currently standing trial for the torture and murder of Mehmet Koray Alpergin, who was a DJ and the owner of Bizim FM, a popular Turkish radio station in London.

A jury has been told that a DJ who owned a well-known radio station in London was kidnapped, subjected to horrifying torture, and then killed by a group of sadistic individuals after going out for a meal with his Turkish girlfriend in Mayfair.

The trial began on Wednesday for the murder and kidnapping of Mehmet Koray Alpergin. His body was found near Oakwood Hill industrial estate in Loughton, Essex on the morning of October 15, 2022.

The defendants, Ali Kavak, Junior Kettle, Steffan Gordon, Tejean Kennedy, and Samuel Owusu-Opoku, have all pleaded not guilty to the charges. However, they are also accused of falsely imprisoning Mr. Alpergin and his girlfriend Gözde Dalbudak. Additionally, Kavak, Kettle, Kennedy, and Owusu-Opoku deny the charge of kidnapping.

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Erdogan Ulcay, 56, denies attempting to pervert the course of justice.

According to prosecutor Crispin Aylett KC, it is believed that the crime is connected to the drug trade. Aylett told the jury that Alpergin and Dalbudak were abducted after returning to Alpergin’s home in Enfield, north London, following their date.

Alpergin’s girlfriend survived the ordeal and informed the police that Alpergin was ambushed by four men as he exited his Audi car and was then forcibly taken to a white van. A man holding a knife compelled her to join her boyfriend inside the van.

The prosecution suggests that there were a total of nine kidnappers, including the five men currently on trial, who were present in a van and a car.

Two Suspects Have Fled Abroad

The prosecutor mentioned that two of the kidnappers, Ali Yildrim and Cem Orman, have fled the country and are believed to be overseas. The police are unaware of the identities of the eighth and ninth individuals involved.

Tottenham Hotspur's stadium in White Hart Lane, Tottenham, north London on Sep. 23, 2021. (Chris Summers/The Epoch Times)
Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium in White Hart Lane, Tottenham, north London on Sep. 23, 2021. (Chris Summers/The Epoch Times)

The gang took Alpergin, a well-known Turkish Cypriot DJ and owner of the Bizim FM radio station, to a wine bar and restaurant called the Stadium Lounge in north London, near Tottenham Hotspur’s football stadium, where he was ultimately murdered.

A post-mortem examination revealed that Alpergin had sustained 94 separate injuries, including 14 rib fractures and brain damage resulting from a severe blow to the head.

‘Sadistic Thugs’

Aylett stated, “From the number and severity of the sustained injuries, it is not difficult to imagine a

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