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Kerry Recognizes the Importance of Nuclear Power amidst Climate Diplomacy Focus in New York City

During an Atlantic Council meeting on nuclear energy, U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry expressed his belief that wind and solar energy alone will not be sufficient to meet global energy needs while addressing climate change risks. Kerry, who previously served as a Democratic senator from Massachusetts and Secretary of State under former President Barack Obama, stated that a mixture of energy approaches, including nuclear power, is necessary to achieve the goal of Net Zero 2050. These remarks come amidst climate-related diplomacy and various climate-themed events in New York City. Kerry also voiced support for climate protesters and highlighted the upcoming Climate Ambition Summit and United Nations Climate Change Conference. He acknowledged previous opposition to nuclear power by environmental activists but emphasized the importance of accelerating the deployment of nuclear energy. Kerry also commended Bill Gates’ TerraPower and mentioned his recent visit to Romania to observe a small modular reactor simulator developed by NuScale. Additionally, the content discusses Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s advocacy for the bipartisan ADVANCE Act, which aims to strengthen the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s ability to review applications for HALEU fuels. Other speakers at the event emphasized the need to decarbonize industries beyond electricity, with nuclear energy playing a role in areas such as industrial heating and hydrogen production.

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