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Low Risks of Blackouts Expected by National Grid for This Winter

The National Grid’s Electricity System Operator (ESO) in the UK is cautiously optimistic about the availability of power this winter due to an increase in power generation, battery storage, and demand-side response. In an effort to incentivize energy savings during peak times, the ESO is reintroducing its Demand Flexibility Service (DFS) scheme, which offers discounts to those who reduce their electricity usage. National Gas is also exploring a similar scheme. The ESO’s forecast predicts a surplus of electricity compared to last year, with an estimated surge in demand above supply for only six minutes. The ESO plans to run 12 test events this winter to help balance the network. National Gas expects to meet peak demand this winter, with reduced demand for gas due to increased renewable generation and decreased electricity demand from exports. It plans to import gas from the European Union during cold spells and rely on LNG or gas from Norway. National Gas is also considering a DFS-like scheme to allow households to reduce their heating and save energy. Both the ESO and National Gas believe the energy outlook for this winter is more favorable than last year.

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