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Main Suspect Arrested along with Three Others in Desjardins Fraud and Data Theft Case

Quebec provincial police have apprehended a man they identify as the primary mastermind behind a significant data breach and multimillion-dollar scam involving the co-operative financial group Desjardins.

Law enforcement officials disclosed today that Sébastien Boulanger-Dorval, aged 42, was employed in the marketing division of the financial organization until 2019, at which point data from over 9.7 million individuals, including approximately seven million residents of Quebec, was illicitly obtained.

In a press statement, police confirmed the arrest of three other individuals allegedly linked to the data breach and fraud: Jean-Loup Masse-Leullier, 32; François Baillargeon-Bouchard, 35; and Laurence Bernier, 29.

Provincial authorities outline that the accused individuals face various charges such as fraud, identity theft, and the trafficking of identity information, while arrest warrants have been issued for four additional suspects believed to have participated in the criminal activities at Desjardins.

Meanwhile, on June 12, authorities in Laval, Quebec, reported the detention of three individuals related to the case.

Laval police revealed that the three suspects—Ayoub Kourdal, 36; Imad Jbara, 33; and an undisclosed third person—exploited the stolen data to carry out fraudulent activities amounting to $8.9 million between September 2018 and January 2019.

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