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Mauritius Prevents Norwegian Cruise Line Ship from Docking Due to Health Concerns

PORT LOUIS—Mauritius prevented a Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings ship from docking at its ports due to health concerns and conducted tests on about 15 passengers who were isolated on board, as stated by its port authority on Sunday.

The Norwegian Dawn was supposed to dock in Port Louis on Sunday, but since it had not stopped at Reunion Island, it arrived a day early, according to a statement from the Mauritius Ports Authority.

“The decision to deny the cruise ship access to the dock was made to mitigate any health risks,” the authority explained.

“The well-being and safety of passengers, as well as the country as a whole, are top priorities for the authorities,” they added, without specifying the nature of the health risk.

A spokesperson for Norwegian Cruise Line, based in the U.S., mentioned in a statement that some passengers had shown mild symptoms of a stomach-related illness during the ship’s journey to South Africa on Feb. 13.

Upon arrival in Port Louis, the ship’s management collaborated with Mauritian authorities to ensure that precautions were in place and that all passengers were in good health, the spokesperson added.

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The port authority stated that the test results would be available within 48 hours.

Officials from Mauritius’ health ministry were not immediately reachable for comments.

The ship carries 2,184 passengers and 1,026 crew members. Of these, around 2,000 passengers were expected to disembark in Port Louis after completing their cruise, while another 2,279 new passengers were scheduled to board the ship, as per the port authority.

“Passengers who were supposed to board the ‘Norwegian Dawn’ for a cruise from Mauritius today will no longer be able to do so due to potential health risks,” they announced.

Those disembarking or joining the cruise will now do so on Feb. 27, according to the Norwegian Cruise Line spokesperson.

Tourism is a key driver of Mauritius’ economy.

By Villen Anganan

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