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Minister Reacts to Elon Musk’s Frustration with X Censorship

Senior Albanese government minister Tanya Plibersek is frustrated with X owner Elon Musk’s stance on censorship.

Amid X Corporation’s legal battle with Australia’s eSafety commissioner in Federal Court over a global takedown order, the minister voiced her concerns.

The social media platform was instructed to remove all videos worldwide depicting a stabbing attack on Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel in Sydney.

Ms. Plibersek took to X, Facebook, and Instagram to share a video explaining that she sees protecting the community as a necessary measure, not censorship.

“This Elon Musk position on censorship on X is absolutely driving me crazy. You know, you cannot show all sorts of things, like child pornography, like people being murdered in the mainstream media,” Ms. Plibersek said.

She argued that preventing the video from being repeatedly shown is not censorship but rather common decency.

“No one is saying that the Wakeley stabbing should not be reported. That would be censorship,” she stated.

Ms. Plibersek alleged that Mr. Musk’s standpoint is primarily focused on X’s profit and stemming the loss of users.

X has followed the eSafety Commissioner’s directive to block the stabbing footage for Australian users but is resisting its global removal.

At the time of writing, the minister’s video on X had garnered 4,500 comments, 437 reposts, and 724 likes with 300,000 views.

Dutton Agrees Content Can’t Be Censored Globally

Opposition leader Peter Dutton echoed Elon Musk’s view that Australia cannot enforce global censorship during an interview on April 26.

He supported the eSafety Commissioner’s decision to remove the post so Australians could not access it.

“My view is that the laws are there, we introduced them when we were in government, to take down that sort of graphic, violent video, so that it doesn’t influence in many ways, other people here in Australia who might watch it,” said Mr. Dutton on the Today Show.

He emphasized the need to acknowledge the limitations of controlling content globally and focusing on influencing Australian society.

Meanwhile, Labor Minister Bill Shorten disagreed, labeling the content as “violent filth” that should not be accessible. He accused Mr. Musk of not truly championing free speech.

Mr. Shorten’s stance was supported by the government, who maintained that Australia’s sovereignty should be respected regarding such matters.

‘We Oppose the Demand to Globally Remove This Content’: X

X was issued a global takedown order by Australia’s eSafety commissioner Julie Inman Grant to remove posts related to a knife attack on a Christian bishop.

X believed it had complied with the directive by restricting the posts in Australia and contested the demand for global removal.

“First, we believe that these posts should not have been banned in Australia at all. The content within the posts does not encourage or provoke violence and fits within the Australian legislation’s category that permits content that can be reasonably considered as part of public discussion or debate,” X stated.

X expressed sympathy for Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel and all affected by the tragic event.

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