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Netanyahu Announces Near Conclusion of Current Phase of Conflict with Hamas

The Israeli prime minister announced that some troops will be redeployed from Rafah to the northern border with Lebanon to address the escalating conflict with Hezbollah.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated on Sunday that the current phase of the fight against Hamas in Gaza is coming to a close. As a result, some Israeli troops stationed in Rafah will be relocated to the northern border with Lebanon, where clashes with Hezbollah, backed by Iran, have intensified.

Speaking during an interview with Israeli broadcaster Now 14, also known as Channel 14, Netanyahu mentioned that once the Gaza operation is completed, there is a plan to move some troops north for defensive purposes.

Although no specific timeline was provided, Netanyahu emphasized that the war against Hamas in Gaza will continue.

Netanyahu highlighted that the decision to redeploy forces was primarily for defensive reasons. Additionally, moving more troops to the northern border aims to facilitate the return of displaced Israeli residents forced to evacuate due to Hezbollah’s cross-border attacks.evacuated
These attacks are in violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701, which prohibits armed personnel, assets, and weapons in the demilitarized zone stretching from the south of the Litani River to the Blue Line border with Israel, except for U.N. peacekeeping forces and the authorized Lebanese government maintaining security.violate
Both the United States and Israel classifyHezbollah as a Lebanese terrorist group.

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