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Ottawa Urged to Revoke COVID-19 Vaccine Approval Following Citizen-Led Inquiry

The National Citizens’ Inquiry (NCI) has sent a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urging him to immediately halt the use of COVID-19 vaccines, claiming that the approval process did not ensure safety and efficacy. In a letter dated September 14, NCI administrator Ches Crosbie expressed the urgency of informing Canadians of the truth and taking corrective actions. Crosbie alleges that Health Canada, contrary to public statements, did not have the ability to verify the safety of the vaccines and did not adhere to regular drug approval guidelines, instead implementing an interim order to expedite the process. Health Canada has yet to respond to the request for comment but has previously stated that the approval process was robust, even though manufacturers were allowed to submit data from clinical trials gradually rather than all at once. In the letter, Crosbie argues that the claim of the vaccines being proven safe is objectively false, raising concerns about obtaining informed consent for administration and potential liabilities. The NCI conducted hearings across the country to gather testimony on the government’s management of COVID-19 and its real-world impacts and is currently preparing a report based on the testimonies. However, due to recent developments regarding COVID-19 and vaccines, an interim version of the report was released on September 14. The report states that as a result of Health Canada modifying its approval process, many Canadians have been harmed or killed by the vaccines. Health Canada does not promote the vaccines as being able to prevent COVID-19 infection but emphasizes that they protect against severe outcomes and their benefits outweigh the risks of the disease. The Public Health Agency of Canada reported that as of June, 55,145 individuals experienced side effects out of 98,194,601 doses administered, with recognition of underreporting and efforts to improve awareness of side effects. The report by the NCI suggests that the approval process was essentially a rubber stamp due to the government’s pressure to secure and distribute vaccines and the need to authorize them quickly to avoid political blowback. The NCI is calling for the withdrawal of the vaccines from circulation, a judicial investigation into the authorization process, and the release of all related documents. Government contracts with vaccine manufacturers have been kept confidential, with the exception of rare cases. The NCI also raises concerns about the lack of transparency in the review of manufacturing processes by Health Canada. Scientists have identified flaws in the production process, such as the presence of plasmid DNA in the vaccines, raising questions about potential genome modification.

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