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Over 1,000 Police Officers in London Suspended or Assigned Restricted Duties

The Metropolitan Police has taken action against its officers in response to the Casey Review, suspending 183 officers, placing hundreds more on restricted duties, and carrying out a major overhaul of the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command.

The Metropolitan Police has stated that approximately 1,000 officers are currently suspended or on restricted duties as part of its efforts to identify and remove corrupt and incompetent staff. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stuart Cundy has acknowledged that it could take several years to address the breach of standards and failed vetting by these officers. The force estimates that around 60 officers could be dismissed per month for the next two years, with 30 officers facing misconduct proceedings and another 30 facing gross incompetence hearings.

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The Metropolitan Police has emphasized its commitment to removing officers who have compromised integrity and addressing systemic issues. In a statement, the police force said, “There have been significant steps to root out the hundreds who have corrupted our integrity as we tackle systemic issues that allowed them to endure.”

Undated images of Wayne Couzens (L) and David Carrick (R), who were both jailed for life for crimes committed while serving police officers. (Metropolitan Police)
Undated images of Wayne Couzens (L) and David Carrick (R), who were both jailed for life for crimes committed while serving police officers. (Metropolitan Police)

The Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command (PaDP), where officers Wayne Couzens and David Carrick worked, has been heavily affected. The unit, responsible for guarding high-profile buildings in London, including the Houses of Parliament and foreign embassies, has undergone significant reforms under Operation Leven. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor aims to replace approximately one-third of the officers in the unit by 2025.

The Casey Review highlighted issues of male dominance, lack of supervision, and inappropriate behavior within the PaDP. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Taylor attributes these problems to poor leadership and a lack of diversity. The Metropolitan Police has launched initiatives such as the Women in Firearms program to address these concerns and increase diversity within the force.

The Metropolitan Police recently published its two-year plan, A New Met for London, outlining reforms following a series of scandals and the resignation of the previous commissioner. The force provided an update on its progress in removing officers who have not met the required standards. Key findings include:
  • 100 police officers were dismissed for gross misconduct in the past year, a 66% increase compared to previous rates.
  • 183 officers are currently suspended, a significant increase from 69 in September 2022.
  • There has been a 102% increase in the number of officers awaiting a gross misconduct hearing.
  • The reporting of alleged misconduct by both the public and other officers has doubled in the past year.
  • 7,500 sergeants and civilian equivalents have received training on trauma and mental health support.
Furthermore, the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has recommended gross misconduct charges against three Metropolitan Police officers involved in the strip search of a 15-year-old girl known as Child Q. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Cundy acknowledges that more work needs to be done and highlights the majority of officers and staff who are committed to building a better Metropolitan Police.

In other news, former Metropolitan Police officer Ishmael Donegan faces charges of misconduct in public office, accused of misusing police computer systems between 2019 and 2022.

PA Media contributed to this report.

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