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Poilievre Targets Bloc Québécois Prior to Party Convention in Quebec City

While in Quebec City for the Conservative Party’s convention starting on Sept. 7, Pierre Poilievre took shots at the Bloc Québécois as he tries to make inroads in the province.

“The Bloc wants to take money from Quebecers and give it to Justin Trudeau and the government in Ottawa,” Mr. Poilievre told reporters in French on Sept. 6, in reference to the Quebec party’s support for the Liberals’ taxes on fuel.

The Tory leader also broached the long-running controversy in Quebec City regarding the construction of a third link to cross to the city’s south shore. The provincial government has rejected the idea of building a new bridge or tunnel for cars, instead opting for a public transportation option.

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“The Bloc and the Liberals are in a war against cars,” said Mr. Poilievre. They “want to raise taxes on groceries and fuel” and “inflationary deficits and taxes which make life impossible for many.”

He added that the Conservatives support Quebec City residents who want to drive their cars. “We’re the only party that respects motorists.”

In a new ad in French launched this week ahead of the convention, the party highlights the Bloc’s support for increasing the carbon tax.

Conservatives have steadily called on the Liberal government to remove the carbon tax on fuel to alleviate cost-of-living issues. The tax currently adds over 14 cents to a litre of gasoline in most provinces.

Bloc Leader Yves-François Blanchet reacted to the ad on social media, saying Quebec “might not appreciate” Mr. Poilievre running attack ads.

“I’m eager to debate him one-on-one. We’ll adjust the conspiracy clocks denying [global] warming, even this year,” wrote Mr. Blanchet.

Conservatives have extended their lead in the polls over the Liberals in recent months, but the Bloc does not appear to be threatened in Quebec.

The Liberal Party holds the most federal seats in Quebec with 35, with the Bloc a close second at 32. The Conservatives have nine Quebec MPs in the House of Commons, most of whom represent ridings around Quebec City and in adjoining regions.

The Tories’ party convention in the provincial capital will run until Sept. 9.

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