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Poll Shows Most Voters Skeptical of Parties’ Ability to Afford Manifesto Pledges

According to a recent IPSOS poll, the majority of Britons doubt whether the Conservatives, Labour, or the Liberal Democrats can realistically deliver on the promises outlined in their election manifestos.

More than 50% of voters are skeptical about the financial feasibility of the pledges made by the Conservatives, Labour, and Liberal Democrats in their manifestos, as revealed in a recent survey.

The IPSOS survey released on Tuesday indicates that 50% of Britons doubt Labour’s ability to afford its proposed tax and spending plans, with only 37% believing otherwise.

This skepticism extends to the Liberal Democrats, with 55% of respondents questioning the affordability of their plans, while only 23% think it is achievable.

Voters seem to have the least faith in the Conservatives, with 62% of them expressing doubts about the party’s ability to deliver on its manifesto promises, compared to 25% who are confident in their financial planning.

When asked how they think Labour could afford its promises, the majority of doubters (56%) suggested the party might resort to increasing borrowing, while 53% mentioned raising taxes and 55% believed Labour might fail to fully implement its manifesto.

The majority of Britons who doubt the Conservative Party’s budget (67%) believe that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will not be able to fulfill all manifesto promises, with 52% anticipating cuts in public spending.

‘No Indication’ Where Money Will Come From

Sir Keir Starmer presented Labour’s manifesto on June 13, pledging not to increase income tax or VAT while promising investments in public services like hiring teachers and reducing NHS waiting times, funded by addressing tax avoidance. The party plans to generate £7 billion in revenue from various taxes, including VAT on private school fees and tightening loopholes in taxes on gas and oil companies.

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