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Premier Eby Kicks Off Campaign for BC Election as He Awaits Arrival of Third Child

B.C. Premier David Eby started campaigning early, announcing that his wife is expecting their third child near the end of June.

Seven days before his daughter’s expected arrival date, Mr. Eby held a campaign event in Vancouver, stating that he wanted to get a head start before taking some time off to be with his family.

The provincial election is set for Oct. 19, and Mr. Eby introduced four BC NDP candidates, including Randene Neill, a former broadcaster, and Baltej Dhillon, the first RCMP officer to wear a turban on duty.

“While I’m spending time with my family, welcoming our 3rd child, our amazing BC NDP candidates will be out connecting with people about what matters most,” he said in a June 20 post on X, formerly Twitter.

Parties Campaigning

The provincial NDP is leading in recent surveys, with the BC United Party trailing behind both the NDP and the Conservatives.

A May 30 Angus Reid survey found that the NDP had an 11-point lead on the Conservatives, with 41 percent and 30 percent voter support respectively, while the BC United Party holds 16 percent.

The B.C. Conservatives have been adding new candidates lately, including former Surrey mayor Linda Hepner. United Party MLAs Elenore Sturko and Lorne Doerkson have also switched to the Conservatives, with former United candidate Chris Moore announcing his switch on June 19.

Conservative and United leaders have attempted to unite their parties without success.

The BC United Party is also actively campaigning, with leader Mr. Falcon focusing on addressing the cost of living to make life more affordable by balancing the budget, fixing childcare, and promoting economic prosperity.

BC’s Green Party is engaging with voters, emphasizing healthcare, affordability, and support for basic income, along with a strong focus on climate change policies.

The Canadian Press contributed to this article.

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