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Qantas Announces Huge Reduction in Prices for 1 Million Flight Seats

Qantas has launched one million seat discounts to more than 60 domestic destinations across Australia.

Travellers flying between July 29, 2024, and March 26, 2025, have the opportunity to secure seats for as low as $109 (US$72) when booking a one-way trip from Sydney to Ballina or Sydney to Gold Coast.

Some of the flight deals available include flights from Sydney to Coffs Harbour (starting from $129), Sydney to Melbourne (starting from $145), and Sydney to Adelaide (starting from $179).

For comparison, Virgin Australia offers flights from Sydney to Adelaide starting from $139, while Jetstar provides a flight for the same route at $111.

The latest airline performance statistics released by the Federal Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics on June 24 show that 79.4 percent of Qantas planes (including Qantas and QantasLink) arrived on time in May 2024, with Virgin following closely at 77.7 percent.

Furthermore, 80.6 percent of Qantas planes departed on time, while 78.9 percent of Virgin planes were punctual in taking off.

Rex Airlines achieved 77.1 percent on-time arrivals and 80.1 percent on-time departures, while Jetstar recorded 79.1 percent on-time arrivals and 76.6 percent on-time departures.

Hinterland Aviation in North Queensland had the highest percentage of on-time arrivals at 83.8 percent and the most on-time departures at 90.2 percent.

Qantas chief customer and digital officer Catriona Larritt commented on these results, stating, “We’ve been working hard to ensure our customers reach their destinations quickly, and we are now approaching pre-pandemic levels.”

Which Airline Has The Lowest Cancellation Rate?

Rex Airlines and Hinterland had the lowest cancellation rate at 0.8 percent, followed by Jetstar at 1.1 percent and Virgin Australia at 2 percent.

Qantas experienced a 3.2 percent cancellation rate, while Skytrans had the highest percentage of cancellations at 7.7 percent.

Virgin Australia Regional Airlines recorded 6.1 percent of cancellations compared to QantasLink at 2.2 percent.

Flight cancellations were most prevalent on the Melbourne to Sydney route at 6.5 percent, followed by the Sydney to Melbourne route at 6.3 percent, and Kalgoorlie to Perth and Canberra to Melbourne routes at 5.1 percent.

What About Flight Routes And Airports?

The Townsville to Cairns route boasted the highest percentage of punctual arrivals at 94.8 percent and on-time departures at 95.5 percent.

Conversely, the Darwin to Perth route had the lowest percentage of punctual arrivals at 44.6 percent, while Hamilton Island to Sydney had the lowest on-time departures at 41.9 percent.

Port Lincoln Airport had the highest percentage of punctual arrivals (92.1 percent) and the highest percentage of on-time departures (91.3 percent).

Darwin Airport had the highest likelihood of delayed departures, with just over half leaving on time, and Gladstone Airport had the highest probability of delayed arrivals, with only about two-thirds arriving on time.

Rex, Virgin Open New Flights

Rex Airlines announced the launch of its first domestic flights from Melbourne and Adelaide to Perth starting June 28.

To celebrate the inaugural flights, the airline offered $99 flights for a 48-hour period on June 20.
John Sharp, the airline’s chairman, stated, “Every time Rex enters a new domestic market there has been downward pressure on airfares, so our message to Australians is, if you want competition, all you have to do is support it.”
In another development, Virgin announced new flights between Melbourne and Uluru, offering fares from just $129 one way to the Red Centre for passengers on economy class traveling from June 6 to Sept. 12.

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