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Quebec Education Minister Chooses Expert Panel Over Committee on Gender Identity, Rejecting Calls

Quebec’s education minister, Bernard Drainville, has decided against creating a legislative committee on gender identity. Instead, he prefers to establish a panel of experts to study the issue and prevent any political exploitation. Drainville expressed concerns that political parties could misuse the topic during committee hearings for partisan reasons. He aims to have the expert panel in place by Christmas to thoroughly examine the various aspects of gender identity. Drainville’s stance came in response to Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, leader of the Parti Québécois, who called for a parliamentary commission to address contentious issues such as gendered bathrooms, new pronouns, and youth with gender dysphoria. Drainville emphasized the importance of democratic debate and ensuring that parental rights are respected when making decisions that affect children’s education. Several other provinces, including Ontario, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, and Manitoba, have also introduced policies or expressed support for parental involvement in cases involving gender identity changes at schools.

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