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Quebec Resident Charged with Weapon Possession after Allegedly Threatening Trudeau and Legault

A Quebec man who was shot by police Wednesday as they investigated threats against Premier François Legault and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing a weapons charge.

The provincial prosecution service said Thursday that Germain Lemay made a court appearance to face a charge of possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose.

Quebec’s police watchdog is investigating the shooting, which left the suspect in hospital in stable condition.

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The agency, known as the Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes, says the shooting by a provincial police tactical team occurred during an attempted arrest early Wednesday at a home in Scotstown, Que., about 180 kilometres east of Montreal.

According to the BEI, an officer who was looking through a window shot the suspect when he saw him point a gun toward the door where officers were entering.

Montreal police confirmed late Wednesday that the suspect had allegedly made threats against Legault and Trudeau.

Legault’s office said in a statement Wednesday that it was aware of the situation and that all threats against elected officials are unacceptable and should be denounced.

On Thursday, opposition parties in Quebec City said they were concerned with the growing number of threats against elected officials.

Parti Québécois member Pascal Bérubé said politicians live in a “dangerous word,” adding he has twice filed police complaints in recent years for death threats against him and his spouse.

Québec solidaire house leader Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois said he worries the current situation is just the beginning of a more serious trend.

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