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Senator Warren Demands Investigations Into Allegations of Elon Musk Interfering with Ukrainian Attack on Russian Fleet

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren is urging the Department of Defense and Congress to launch an investigation into claims that technology entrepreneur Elon Musk blocked Ukrainian military efforts by denying them the use of his Starlink satellite internet service to carry out an attack on the Russian-controlled Crimean Peninsula in September 2022. Speaking to CNN, Warren stated that no one should be making foreign policy decisions for the US except the US government, calling Musk’s actions an inappropriate intervention in foreign policy. These comments from Warren follow claims made by Musk’s biographer, Walter Isaacson, who stated in his book “Elon Musk” that Musk had blocked Starlink services around Crimea, preventing Ukrainian forces from carrying out an attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Warren is advocating for an investigation to examine the arrangement between Musk’s company and the Ukrainian military, highlighting the need to ensure compliance with US policies. Musk has disputed the portrayal of events by stating that he never enabled coverage around Crimea and that he had concerns about the potential consequences of a Ukrainian attack on the Russian fleet. He insists that Starlink is meant for civilian use and has terms of service that prohibit offensive military actions. In addition to the Starlink investigation, Warren has previously criticized Musk’s business practices, including his acquisition of Twitter and potential conflicts of interest with Tesla. The Department of Justice has also recently launched a lawsuit against one of Musk’s companies, SpaceX, accusing it of discrimination against non-U.S. citizens in hiring practices.

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