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Soros Foundation Expresses Concern About Potential Threat to Globalism if Trump Wins in 2024

George Soros’s foundation, the Open Society Foundations (OSF), is concerned about the potential win of former President Donald Trump in the 2024 election. They believe that Trump’s victory, or any other “MAGA-style” Republican victory, could undermine globalist “unity.” The foundation, now led by George Soros’s son, Alex Soros, is adapting to be able to respond to various political scenarios that may arise after the next presidential election in the United States. The recent op-ed written by Alex Soros for Politico clarifies that the foundation is not retreating from Europe, as some news headlines suggested, but rather shifting priorities towards Eastern Europe and reducing certain operations, including a significant reduction in staff. In the op-ed, Alex Soros also expresses concerns about the impact of a Trump victory on European unity and progress made in response to the war in Ukraine. While he does not provide further details on these concerns, speculation suggests that Trump may push for a peace deal that could result in territorial concessions for Ukraine. The op-ed highlights the foundation’s commitment to supporting affiliates in Moldova, the Western Balkans, and Ukraine, while also increasing support for the Roma population in Eastern Europe. The strategic shift will result in a reduction of around 40% of OSF’s global staff. Alex Soros, who is more politically active than his father, stated in a previous interview that he is worried about a Trump win in 2024 and suggests that the Soros organization will use its resources to support presidential campaigns opposing Trump.

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