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Taiwan Affirms CCP’s Lack of Authority to Threaten Independence Supporters With Death Penalty

China’s recent judicial guidelines now allow the death penalty to be imposed on ‘Taiwan independence diehards’ in extreme secession cases.

Taiwan expressed “deep regret” over China’s decision to impose the death penalty on “diehard” supporters of Taiwan independence and called on its people not to be intimidated by the Chinese regime.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) judicial authorities jointly issued guidelines on Friday for imposing punishments on “Taiwan independence separatists” accused of conducting or inciting secession.

The guidelines instruct China’s courts, procuratorates, public security, state security, and administrative organs to “severely punish Taiwan independence diehards for splitting the country and inciting secession crimes in accordance with the law.”

Ringleaders or those significantly involved in Taiwan independence secessionist activities could face life imprisonment or a jail sentence of 10 years and above.

The guidelines also state that “those who cause particularly serious harm to the state and the people and the circumstances are particularly heinous shall be sentenced to death” and allow for a trial in absentia.

Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) responded by stating that Beijing has no jurisdiction over its 23 million citizens and cautioned its people against feeling threatened or intimidated by the Chinese Communist Party.

Taiwan President Lai Ching-te, sworn into office in May, emphasized the importance of protecting its people and maintaining peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait in the face of China’s increasing influence.

President Lai also pledged to strengthen national defense, continue defense reform, and enhance the military’s combat effectiveness, while standing alongside democratic countries to jointly exert deterrence and prevent war.

Beijing continues to assert its claim over Taiwan as a renegade province, despite the island’s self-governing democracy status with a democratically elected government since the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1949.

Beijing has labeled President Lai as a “troublemaker” and “separatist,” demonstrating China’s ongoing aggressive stance towards Taiwan.

Frank Fang contributed to this report.

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