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Tim Hortons Announces Theatrical Production ‘The Last Timbit’ for a Little Bit of Wackiness

In the past year, Tim Hortons has delighted Canadian cottage-goers with a boat drive-thru, brought back the beloved Dutchie donut, and introduced flatbread pizzas.

But the biggest surprise is yet to come this summer as the fast-food chain celebrates its 60th anniversary on May 17. Tim Hortons is venturing into an unexpected realm by presenting a musical titled “The Last Timbit” at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto this June. The cast includes a lineup of talented Canadian artists.

The musical is loosely inspired by a 2010 snowstorm that trapped drivers on a highway near Sarnia, Ontario, forcing them to seek shelter at a local Tim Hortons.

The idea to turn this story into a theatrical production came from the marketing firm Gut, who was given free rein by Tim Hortons to come up with an event that resonated with customers and embodied the brand’s values.

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The idea of a play initially took Tim Hortons’ chief marketing officer, Hope Bagozzi, by surprise. Despite the unconventional nature of the project, she felt cautiously optimistic about it.

The production attracted top talent, including playwright Nick Green and composers Anika and Britta Johnson. The cast features well-known actors from stage and screen.

As Tim Hortons delves into the arts with “The Last Timbit,” they hope to engage their audience in a new and exciting way. The production will premiere in Toronto with plans for a limited run of public shows.

Those attending can expect Tim Hortons-themed merchandise and concessions, keeping true to the spirit of the brand.

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