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Training Boost to be Offered to Disadvantaged Women

An estimated 650 disadvantaged women in New South Wales (NSW) can benefit from a government initiative to equip them with skills to achieve sustained employment or start their own businesses.

David Collins, Training Services NSW executive director, said the initiative, delivered in partnership with the Office of Social Impact Investment under the NSW Treasury will advance the social and economic wellbeing of women facing barriers to employment.

“At its core, the initiative will enable job-focused social enterprises to provide essential skills, training, and wraparound support to women striving to overcome obstacles, with employment including self-employment as the ultimate objective,” Mr. Collins said.

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Aleksandra Simic, the investment director at the Office of Social Impact, said the programs were funded through Payment-by-Results contracts, where a portion of funding is linked to the achievement of outcomes.

“Investing in women’s economic wellbeing has long-term benefits for not only the women supported, but for their families and communities, leading to better intergenerational outcomes,” Ms. Simic said.

Melanie Greblo, founder and CEO of Scriibed. (Credit to Scriibed)
Melanie Greblo, founder and CEO of Scriibed. (Credit to Scriibed)

Melanie Greblo, founder and CEO of Scriibed, said partnering with the NSW government is exciting.

“Through this contract with the NSW government we have our goals set on truly changing the trajectory for women survivors of domestic and family abuse,” Ms. Greblo said.

“Our supported employment provides flexibility and accessibility, and remuneration that ensures women survivors avoid the poverty trap that is often par for the course for survivors.”

The organisation said together with its customers, it can provide safe and flexible work to women facing multiple barriers to employment.

“Our Academy is the engine room re-skilling and up-skilling women in cutting edge technology applications preparing them to outperform in the digital economy and building a pipeline of talent fit for the future of work,” reads an introduction on the website.
Mandy Richards, founder and CEO of Global Sisters. (Credit to Global Sisters)
Mandy Richards, founder and CEO of Global Sisters. (Credit to Global Sisters)

Mandy Richards, founder and CEO of Global Sisters, said their intention was to make business a genuine possibility for solo mums.

“It helps us take one step closer to our vision for a world where every woman is financially independent and where self-employment is a genuine option for any woman who chooses that pathway,” she said.

The national non-profit receives funding through corporate, philanthropic, and government partners to deliver its programs to women in Australia, making it able to provide all support completely free to women seeking help.

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