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WeChat Announcement: Chinese Expats Offered Payment to Greet Premier Li Qiang in Australia

According to a former Chinese diplomat, the Chinese embassy is coordinating support for the upcoming Australian tour of China’s premier Li Qiang. The diplomat revealed that a notice has been circulating among Chinese expats in Australia via WeChat, offering to cover expenses for mobilizing them to “welcome” the high-ranking Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official.

The bilingual notice, obtained by The Epoch Times, stated that all costs for gathering Chinese Australians and expats in Canberra to welcome Mr. Li would be covered. The notice encouraged people from across Australia to form a welcoming team in Canberra for a three-day visit, providing food, accommodation, and transportation, emphasizing a display of patriotism.

Former Diplomat Expresses Concern

Chen Yonglin, a former diplomat at the Chinese Consulate in Sydney who defected to Australia in 2005, expressed his views on the situation. He highlighted that such coordinated welcome events are typically organized by the Chinese regime’s embassy or one of its four consulates.

Mr. Chen pointed out that the Chinese consulate would directly fund the expenses of the welcome endeavor, with possible contributions from Chinese companies in Australia or overseas Chinese community leaders engaged in business relations with China. However, he mentioned that the Espionage and Interference Act passed in Australia in 2018 could deter pro-CCP Chinese individuals from actively participating in such activities.

The Espionage and Interference Act aims to counter foreign interference in Australia’s democratic processes and restrict unauthorized intelligence activities on behalf of foreign governments. Mr. Chen believes that this legislation has made pro-CCP individuals in Australia more cautious about engaging in activities benefiting the Chinese government.

Upcoming Visit and Tensions

Li Qiang’s visit to Australia will be the first by a Chinese premier in seven years. Scheduled political discussions in Canberra and meetings with business leaders in Perth are part of the premier’s itinerary. This visit comes at a time of strained relations between Australia and China, highlighted by recent incidents such as Chinese military actions against Australian forces and Australian MPs attending events in Taiwan, angering Beijing.

The Chinese consulate in Australia criticized Australian MPs for attending Taiwanese functions, leading to a pushback from the MPs involved. The ongoing tensions between the two countries add a layer of complexity to Premier Li’s upcoming visit to Australia.

Li Rui contributed to this report.

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