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Xi Jinping Allegedly Instructing Officials to Downplay Outbreak and Avoid Referring to it as COVID

Reports indicate Beijing is re-opening a makeshift hospital built at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic because of another surge of pneumonia cases. The World Health Organization (WHO) is seeking data from China’s ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as many Chinese people are reporting feeling ill and seeking medical assistance. A whistleblower has exclusively revealed to The Epoch Times that CCP leader Xi Jinping has ordered officials not to exaggerate China’s current outbreak of respiratory illness and to avoid the term “COVID-19” as the CCP is set on controlling the COVID-19 narrative coming out of China to the outside world.

According to many Chinese reports, infections have been spreading quickly among children in China, and have now extended to adults, overwhelming many hospitals. Yang Qing, based in Beijing, has revealed that the authorities have been ordered by CCP leader Xi Jinping to refer to the outbreak of serious respiratory disease as “mycoplasma pneumonia infections,” which is prevalent in children, or other infections that are not COVID-18, such as “influenza.” The CCP’s experts have also been ordered to emphasize the talking points of the party line to the public and China’s domestic media have been told they are not allowed to focus on the epidemic. The directive from Xi Jinping could stem from the nervousness about the wave of infections coinciding with the first anniversary of the White Paper Movement sparked on Nov. 24 last year by a deadly fire in a residential community in Urumqi, Xinjiang. “Xi doesn’t want this matter [the outbreak] to be highlighted on the world stage, and wants to prevent it from being used to say that his foreign visit failed,” said the whistleblower, Yang Qing.

The CCP’s National Health Commission said in a press briefing on Nov. 26 that the recent wave of respiratory infections are mainly caused by influenza and other known pathogens, while denying that cases had exceeded China’s overall hospital capacity. But many Chinese and others in the international community remain unconvinced by the assurances from China, given the CCP’s history of cover-ups. Maria Van Kerkhove, acting director of the WHO’s Department of Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness and Prevention, told health news outlet STAT that she believes China’s wave of infections isn’t caused by a new pathogen but is being driven by COVID-19 now spreading in China. In addition to many children infected across the country, with more and more of them needing lung treatment, parents, teachers, and medical staff are also reported infected and hospitals are being overwhelmed.

These findings raise serious concerns about China’s handling of the recent surge in pneumonia cases and its reporting of the outbreak, given the CCP’s directives to officials and the restrictions on media coverage. Additionally, the recent reopening of a makeshift hospital suggests that the situation is more severe than officially stated by the CCP. It is essential that China complies with WHO requests for data and provides accurate information and assistance to curb the spread of the outbreak.

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