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$2 Million in Tax Money Went to China: Report

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Over $2 million American tax dollars were funneled to China. On the receiving end are an arm of the Chinese military and the Wuhan lab that many are debating could have leaked COVID-19. A new report is diving into the details.

Topics in this episode:

  1. $2 Million in Tax Money Went to China: Report
  2. China, Cuba Negotiating Troop Training Ground: Report
  3. Texas Enacts Forced Organ Harvesting Law; Bipartisan Support to Curb ‘Evil Detestable Practice’
  4. India’s Modi Heads to the U.S. for Landmark Visit
  5. Officials, Experts Respond to Blinken’s China Visit
  6. Taiwan Chipmaker Tests Breakthrough Technology; Apple, Nvidia Collaborate on Project
  7. Germany Behind China’s Quantum Rise: Report
  8. U.S. Not Taking China’s Ambition Seriously: Sitilides

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