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Unofficial Chinese Police Stations in Canada Have ‘Ceased’ Operations: RCMP

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Alleged secret Chinese police stations reported to be functioning in various locations across Canada have now “ceased” operations, an RCMP official told MPs today.

The RCMP’s deputy commissioner of federal policing Michael Duheme appeared before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs on March 2, where he was asked by Conservative MP Raquel Dancho about the five overseas Chinese police stations alleged to be functioning in locations in the Toronto and Vancouver areas.

“Our understanding is that they’ve ceased and we’re continuing investigation,” Duheme said, adding that a Chinese embassy representative expressed displeasure to the RCMP about actions they took concerning the police stations.

“Any time you have representatives from the embassy whose law enforcement liaison officer comes up to us and is not pleased with the actions we took, I think that’s a sign that we did our job,” Duheme said.

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki previously told the Commons Standing Committee on Canada-China Relations that the RCMP had sent officers in uniform and marked police cars to show a “visible presence” at the locations where the secret Chinese police stations were allegedly operating.

“We did a disruption by going in uniform with marked police cars, to speak with the people involved in those police stations, or those locations,” Lucki told the committee on Feb. 6.

The Epoch Times contacted the RCMP and Global Affairs Canada for comment on the Chinese embassy’s response to recent RCMP actions but did not immediately hear back.

Alleged Police Stations

The RCMP said in November 2022 that it was seeking witnesses with knowledge of “possible foreign actor interference” at the alleged secret Chinese police stations in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) after news of the stations first emerged in September 2022.

Spain-based NGO Safeguard Defenders published a report at the time identifying over 50 police service stations in dozens of countries around the globe operated by two provincial-level Chinese police bureaus. Three of the alleged police outposts were said to be in the Toronto area.

Safeguard Defenders released an updated report in December 2022 identifying two more provincial-level Chinese police bureaus also operating overseas service stations, bringing the total worldwide count of alleged secret stations up to 102 and the number in Canada up to five.

The two additional alleged Chinese police stations identified in Canada in the updated report were located in the Vancouver area.

Andrew Chen contributed to this report. 

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